Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another Week!

Just a quick update. Went to my ultrasound appt today and at 35wks Baby A is measuring 4.6lbs and Baby B is 5.7lbs! Hurray, I have one over 5lbs, now Baby A needs to get there. I have told Jesse the whole time that I do not want to deliver unless both babies weigh over 5lbs. The Dr. came in and talked to me when the scan was done and told me to continue to rest and he will see me the following week. I guess my OB was wrong again, but I am thankful because I have my 11yo 6th grade promotion on Thursday and I can't miss it.

I have a NST appt tomorrow, my OB appt Friday, and another ultrasound appt on Monday. Things are moving along and I have almost hit my goal of at least 37wks!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Stop Getting My Hopes Up!

I will start with the easy part of this past week. All my NST appts have been pretty simple. In and out in an hr or less!

I saw my OB on Thursday and everything was fine. I am 34wks now measuring as that of a 45wk pregnant person, my BP has been pretty good lately, and babies heartbeats were great. The only thing that I am a little stressed about is the babies ultrasound results from the Tuesday before. The babies weight discordance has gone up to 17% from 15% since about 26wks. I am not to afraid just because the Peri had told me previously they usually don't start to worry until it hits 20%. I have another apt on Tuesday with the Peri office again and my OB warned me to not be surprised if he decides it's time to deliver that week. The thing is she keeps telling me that and every time I go I am expecting it and don't hear it so my hopes are up for nothing. That being said we will see if I actually see the Dr this appt because the last two times I have gone I have only seen the ultrasound tech.

I am actually hoping not to hear that I am delivering next week (yes even though I am so over this pregnancy) only because my daughter has her 6th grade "promotion" on Thursday. I wouldn't miss that for the world. I have to be there so if I get a call saying we want to go ahead and deliver I will straight out say not until after Thursday morning!

I even finally got a belly shot today. Since we were out celebrating fathers day I took the moment to do a photo op since for once I was dressed and had my hair done!

Well that's it for now. Hope you all had an amazing Fathers Day!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Everyone Gets At Least One Right?

Well here it is. My whine post. Everyone should be entitled to at least one!

Let me start by telling you about all the pregnancy symptoms I had with my 2 singleton pregnancy's.
  • mild food aversions
  • tired
Now let me tell you about all the wonderful symptoms I am having with this twin pregnancy.
  • Morning sickness from weeks 4-15. Not extreme like some people. I wasn't throwing up constantly. In fact I would say I maybe threw up 7 times. I just had this constant feeling of stomach flu. I couldn't eat and lost weight during that first trimester. I had to take Zofran in order to be able to function at work.
  • Constipation. Now this was severe. I am not going into details, but it was HORRIBLE!
  • Sciatica. It started as a pain in my left buttock. Not so bad that I couldn't walk, but it hurt. Then enter 3rd trimester where I get it so bad on my right side that I literally can't walk. If I get up to go to the restroom I am in tears and have to hold onto whatever I can to get there.
  • Sleep deprivation. It is almost impossible to fall asleep and then when I do I am up peeing a 1/2 hr later.
  • Hip pain. From being on bed rest. I am having to turn to my opposite side to sleep every hr because my hip hurts.
  • SPD. Feels like my damn pelvic bone is going to snap in half. Sometimes it makes it so hard to turn over in bed or to get my leg around my body pillow.
  • And the newest one is Carpal Tunnel. It started in my left hand which is fine because I am right handed, but just a few days later it decided to take over my right hand as well. It is bad. I can't open water bottles if they are to tight, can barely flat iron my hair anymore, it falls asleep while cooking, and so on.
So those are the most relevant symptoms I have experienced so far. It is getting so hard. I feel like my body is shutting down on me. I am so dependent on people and anyone that knows me knows this is killing me.

I wanted so badly to go to one of my friends baby shower yesterday. It was at 11am so I got up at 9:30, took a shower, and got dressed. Then came the fun part. I was struggling with my carpal tunnel while trying to flat iron my hair (which I have to do because I have some nappy hair). My hands kept going numb. I called in my 11yo daughter in to try to help and she couldn't get it straight enough with the few pieces she did try. I told her my hand was feeling better and I got it (didn't want to hurt her feelings). It took me 30mins to do my hair that normally takes me 5min because it is so paper thin and only shoulder length. I just sat there crying on the toilet. Right then and there I decided I was not going to the baby shower. My hair look liked crap and I did not have enough time to get my make-up on before my other friend got their to pick me up. I know it seems vain, but I am that girl that has to have my hair done and make-up on if I go any where on the weekends.

Then later on that night I was trying to open up a Gatorade bottle. Failed...I just started bawling. This damn carpal tunnel.

I know I am only 33wks 6days and I want to make it to 37wks (that is mine and my OB's goal), but physically and mentally I am done. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I just want to be me again. Please, please, please 37wks hurry up and get body would appreciate it!

Friday, June 7, 2013


I started my NST's and when I say that boy do I mean it! I had my first NST done on Sunday May 26th. I woke up that morning and took a shower, went downstairs to eat, and started to walk out the door. Well wouldn't you believe it, my sciatica on the right side started to act up. I could barely get to my car and then once there I just stood there crying for 5mins trying to figure out how I was going to get into the car. Finally I was able to get in and was just trying to stretch my leg on the drive over.  I arrived at the hospital at 8:40am to register. I got out of the car and took about 5 steps and I couldn't walk anymore. So here I am in the parking lot trying to figure out how the hell I was gonna get in to register and then up to L&D. I ended up dragging my crying ass back to my car where I stretched for a good 5mins and was able to actually walk. It still  hurt pretty bad, but hey I could walk. I get in get registered, get up to L&D and got hooked up right away and was lucky enough to get a L&D room so I had a T.V. In case you have don't know what a NST is I will tell you quickly. It is a Non Stress Test for the babies. Basically they put these little monitors on your belly that keep track of the babies heart rate and fetal movement and also one to watch for contractions. During this time they would like to see accelerations in the babies heart rate.

Back to Sunday...I got hooked up, got some water and lied on my sore ass (literally) while the nurse came in and out to get Baby A or B back on the monitor because they had moved or to see if I needed anything. Well she ended up calling my OB at about 10 because Baby B was having some decelerations (heart beat was dropping at times) and I was having some contractions, which I was not feeling at all. My OB said she would be in to check me. She arrived at 11 and took a look at Baby B's decelerations and decided she wanted me to have a Biophysical before leaving (which is an Ultrasound where they measure the babies amnio fluids, weights, and make sure they are practicing breathing). Also because I had a rapid heart rate she ordered some blood work. Long story short, they finally came from radiology at about 2pm. Everything turned out fine on the ultrasound and blood work, but baby B had another deceleration within that time so the OB let me leave, but decided to have me come back on Wednesday. All Sunday my sciatica killed me and I cried all damn day pretty much every time I had to get up!

I went back on Wednesday and was once again lucky enough to get a L&D room which meant T.V! This time once again my appt was at 9am, but Baby A was uncooperative. She would not stay still and kept getting off the monitor. I ended up being there from 9-1. Not as bad as Sunday, but was still making me dread these damn NST's. My OB decided that I should come in again on Saturday.

Saturday morning I get there and get my room and this time I am in the triage room...No T.V. I didn't get hooked up until about 9:30ish because it was a pretty busy morning. Baby B was a little active, but she was still showing accelerations so I was able to go home at 11:30. Ob then let me take a little break and come in on Thursday June 6th. A 4 day break!!

Thursday rolls around and I get there at 11am. Once again in the triage room with no T.V. Let me tell you how happy I was to be out of there by 12. Both babies did great. They stayed on the monitor the whole time and had their accelerations!

I also had a Ultrasound appt on the 4th. At 33wks Baby A is measuring 3.13lbs and B is measuring 4.9lbs. Everything else checked out perfect. Oh and I am so my next appt in 2wks I will no longer have to get pocked with the dildo cam!!!

On the 5th I had my OB appt. Both babies are doing great. I am measuring 46wks pregnant! She thinks I will make it at least until 37wks.

So next week I have NST's on the 11th and my OB appt on the 13th.

Newest pregnancy symptom...Good ol carpal tunnel...OUCH!

Well until next time that is it. I will try to take a 34wk pic for next blog entry!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

My First Stint In L&D

I know it's been a while so I am going to just start at where things started getting difficult during this pregnancy. I am not saying horrible. Many woman on my birth board have had it way worse than me. Just saying things are starting to get tricky in the third trimester.

I will start at my 29wk ultrasound because that is where things have kinda started to go south. I went for my ultrasound at the Peri on May 10th and my blood pressure was 136/72. Not terrible, but higher then I normally am. We looked at the babies and they were doing great. Their weight is still different at Baby A 2.15lbs and Baby B 3.5lbs. Baby A is in the 46% and Baby is in the 60% for weight. Once again a bit of a difference, but both of their fluids are great, both are getting great blood flow from the placenta, and both are still measuring ahead for gestational period.

Then on May 13th I went for an appt with my OB and my blood pressure was 142/76. I told her that is was high at my Friday appt at the Peri (they for some reason left that out of the report). I have also been itching a lot over the last week or so and my hands are starting to swell, so she sent me over to Labor and Delivery so that I could have my BP monitored.

I got to the hospital at about 5pm and was there until just after 7pm. The whole time they had me lying on my side and my BP was within normal limits. Also my urine and blood work all came back normal. So when my Dr. came and checked on me she said she thinks the cause of my high BP is rushing around and getting ready. She once again told me to do nothing, but lay down all day. No shopping or anything.

Also my Glucose test came back negative, but I am really low on iron. I am now taking two Slow FE pills a day.

Anyways back to appts!

Had another OB appt on May 20th. My BP this time was 132/72. Once again she reiterated for me to be "the laziest lazy person ever". She also said that because of the weights of my babies at any given appt with my Peri he can tell me that the babies are being delivered that day. Needless to say I went home and got my hospital bag ready and told my husband to wash the bassinet and bouncy chair fabrics.

The Next day on May 21st was another Peri appt, only I was only seeing the ultrasound tech not the Dr. because he was out of the office for the day. Well I was exactly 31wks and Baby A was 3.3lbs and Baby B was 3.12lbs. My cervix is still measuring long, in the 3cm area. The only thing is the tech saw a bit of fluid in the cervix which she advised me can be nothing or can be a sign of funneling so we will watch that. Once again blood flow to both babies is great and the fluids are measuring good. I go back to see them on the 4th of June which will be 33wks.

And lastly I got a call from my OB 2 days after my Peri appt. I must say when I saw her name come up on my phone I thought to myself "shit I am going in to give birth today", but she just asked me if the Peri Dr had discussed doing NST's with me. I told her I only saw the tech as the Dr was out of the office. She said that the Peri had said he wanted me to go in for NST's every 4-5days so she was going to schedule me for Sunday at the hospital. So another thing to add to my list of appts every week!

As you can see nothing to bad has happened as of yet, but it is definitely getting more real this trimester. On that note here are some belly pics and I will try to update after my 32wk Ob appt this Tuesday the 28th.

So this is actually a 29wk belly shot. I think I have popped even more since then, but I will update on Tuesday when I am 32wks!

And this one was taken just last week while I was sitting down.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bed Rest...

Well I will be 28wks in a few days and I know I said I was going to update weekly, but I just cant find the strength to turn on my laptop and blog (until now).

So a few things have happened since my last entry. First of all, I had an Ultrasound at 25wks and although the Peri said the girls are "petite" nothing else was really said. Baby A measured 1.6lbs and Baby B weighed in at 1.8lbs. As you can see there is a little bit of a difference there, but nothing I would think to be worried about.

Well I went in for my OB appt at 26wks and my Dr was going over the results with me. She said that Baby A is in the 26% for weight and B is in the 38%. Not a huge discrepancy, but she said a "moderate" one so she put me on bed rest. I am to lay on my sides for 18hrs out of the day and can be a little more active for 6hr out of the day. Oh and I was also having major issues with my pelvic area making it difficult to walk. My coworkers dubbed me "Trick Hip". Yes I know...Nice LOL.

As you can see its been pretty boring around here! My hips are starting to hurt at night again from being on my sides all day, I can't breathe, my pelvic bone feels like it's going to crack in half, I am so tired all the time, and heartburn is a bitch. I have it better then some people on my birth board so I guess I will stop complaining now!

Oh yeah and I asked my OB when she thinks I will be scheduled for my C-section and she said if i do not go into labor on my own I will be scheduled for 39wks. This kind of concerns me because I have Mono/Di twins which means they share a placenta. Studies have shown that leaving them in longer than 37-38wks can actually cause Placenta disintegration. So I am going to ask my Perinatologist what his recommendations are for delivering Mono/Di twins at my appt this Tuesday the 29th.

I think that's it for now. I have a very busy week coming up. I have my OB appt tomorrow, my Perinatologist appt Tuesday, and then my Husband is having surgery on Wednesday (not to mention it is getting hard to type on my laptop now because my belly is getting to big to type with it sitting on my lap). I will try to get back next week with my updated belly pic for 28wks and any news from my Dr appts.

Until then...

Friday, April 5, 2013

Nothing New

Well I know its been a while, but to be honest I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy thus far. I am now 24wks and really there is nothing new to report. So I will just leave ya with some new ultrasound pics from my 3d ultrasound and my 24wk belly shot!

Love these!

And the belly at 24wks. I have popped a bit, but still not that big. Although I FEEL huge!